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Grue télescopique vidéo Robojib P420 Pro dans ses fly case de transport

In this article you will discover the contents of the two transport fly cases of the Robojib P420 Pro telescopic camera crane as well as the steps to follow for its installation.

Let's start with the contents of the fly case of the dolly, you will find the following parts:

Contenu du fly case dolly de la grue télescopique vidéo Robojib P420 Pro
  • Dolly mounted on 4 pneumatic wheels

  • Push bars x 2

  • Column shrouds x 4

  • Telescopic column

  • Pivot shaft

  • 80 Kg of counterweights (6x10 Kg + 4x5 Kg

  • Counterweight holder

  • Trackwheels x 4

  • Screws and bolts required for assembly

And here are the contents of the fly case for the telescopic arm:

Contenu du fly case du bras télescopique de la grue vidéo Robojib P420 Pro
  • Aluminium telescopic arm

  • Side bars x 2

  • Wireless telescopic control unit

  • head mount + cardan

  • Monitor mount

  • Screws and bolts


To assemble the crane, you will need two people.

Start by mounting the two push bars on either side of the dolly on the directional mounts provided using the thumb screws.

Push barre de la grue télescopique vidéo Robojib P420 Pro

Next is the telescopic column.

Colonne télescopique Robojib P420 Pro

Position it in the center of the base by letting yourself be guided by the 4 screws in place then turn the column counterclockwise until it stops.

Tighten the 4 screws firmly.

Column mounted on Robojib P420 Pro Dolly

Then get the 4 column shrouds.

Haubans de colonne Robojib P420 Pro

Position them at the 4 corners of the dolly in the brackets provided and maintain them by tightening screws and bolts.

Connect the other end of the shrouds to the column and insert the 4 threadless screws. Finally, turn the shrouds counterclockwise to tighten them.

Then take the pivot shaft.

Cardan à pivot Robojib P420 Pro

Attach it to the top of the column.

The base of the crane is ready to receive the telescopic arm.

Mounted dolly & column of Robojib P420 Pro

Take care to tighten the tilt brake before mounting the arm.

Pay attention to the 3 holes on the pivot shaft and locate the pivot point of the telescopic arm, which is indicated by the 3 pins that must be inserted.

Cardan à pivot Robojib P420 Pro

Now grab the telescopic arm with two people and position it in front of the holes.

That's it, the telescopic arm is in place.

Mounted telescopic arm of the Robojib P420 Pro

Now get the counterweight holder.

Counterweight holder of Robojib P420 Pro

Install it in its place and tighten the two thumb screws.

Mounted Robojib P420 Pro

Get the side bars.

Lateral bars of Robojib P420 Pro

Attach them now on both sides of the arm as well as the head and monitor mounts and you're done !

Ready to shoot Robojib P420 Pro telescopic camera crane

With a little practice, the whole setup takes no more than 5 minutes.

Allow 15 minutes to assemble a stabilized head, camera setup and cabling, then 10 minutes to balance the arm and you are ready to shoot within only 30 minutes !

In the next article we will detail the steps for a perfect balancing of the crane.

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